Perivale is Ealing Park of the Month for January.

The newly formed Ealing Parks foundation has started a park of the month project.  Over the coming months and years, many of Ealing’s parks and green spaces will no doubt be highlighted.  So it is a great honour for Perivale Park to be chosen to be the inaugural Ealing park to be so featured: There you can see some recent photos taken in the depths of winter, along with an interesting short history of Perivale (which started life in fact as Little Greenford).

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Stop Ealing Council and Junction 2 Music Festival from destroying Horsenden Meadows!

Several blogs here cover Horsenden Hill, including its magnificent west meadow. It is an ecologically unique and precious wildlife resource in west London. So the idea of up to 15,000 people entering the meadow to have a music festival does not bear thinking about.

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Dog water fountains in Perivale Park!

Meeting four dog walkers in the park a few weeks ago, I stopped and asked them what amenities in the park they would like to see. One of the responses was dog water fountains for thirsty dogs. Providing this could be non trivial, since laying down a water pipe from the mains could be costly. Fortunately, a watering hole is already available for dogs, but the location might not be widely known. So here is a picture, along with its location in the park.

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Animals galore! A guest appearance by Staines Moor.

Occasionally, one of the other green areas in west London makes an appearance here. Unlike Perivale Park, this one has lots of grazing animals to be seen. It is one of the delights of the UK that animals and ramblers can  be allowed to mix together in  some locations without being separated by fences. Common sense mostly prevails and the two can get on together famously. So here are some photos taken during a 3km walk around Staines Moor.

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London in Bloom, 2021: Ealing Borough awarded the Gold Category.

In July this year,  Perivale Park was included in the itinerary for the judging of the City category of the  London in  Bloom competition.  Just to clarify, each  London borough is considered to be the size of a city. Competition amongst the boroughs is intense! On Wednesday we heard that  Ealing has been awarded the Gold category by the judges! So the park played its part in this award!  Well done everyone who helped to make Perivale Park such a feature of the London borough of  Ealing.

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Perivale Park (late) Summer event – photos!

Our second community celebration of the park took place in lovely weather yesterday. We estimate one hundred or so people might have dropped in during the day, either to participate in the dog olympics, to buy cakes from the LAGER can stall, to go on the inspirational nature walk, to learn about Horsenden Hill and Farm, to hunt for treasures in the park, to work it all off with a bit of exercise or to meet our park ranger Mark. Many from the RedGreen group (who exercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays and were the original inspiration for the  Friends) turned up, as did the Gurnell-Greenford  Greenwayers. Thanks all!

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Diversity in the Park orchard: A newsletter.

First, a bit of history. For many years, a bowling green was maintained in the park, just adjacent to the Cowgate road entrance. From personal memory, about 20 years ago there were regular Sunday bowls matches but one day some youngsters decided to play a game of football on the green. The cost of bringing the grass back up to playing quality was probably the final straw, since the bowling club left and went elsewhere for their matches. It lay fallow for years, until the dredging spoil from work on the nearby Coston’s brook was taken there around five years ago and some landscaping was done, as well as providing a small concrete seat in the middle.

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Perivale Park kids playground. The litterers have surpassed themselves in their disgrace.

The photo below shows the state of the kids playground in the park this morning. The litter had appeared by yesterday morning (Friday), with the playground having been cleared of all rubbish not much more than a day earlier. So this is a single day’s littering and the photo shows the area of only one of the bins there, with much more deposited around the rest of the playground. It does not look like fox-spill, since nothing has been chewed and the pizza and luxury chocolate boxes had not been folded to insert into the bin. This is human activity!

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