A strip of summer annual and perennial flowers is coming!

Last week, a 3m wide strip of the flower meadow in the park was seen being prepared. It runs alongside the meadow seeded with bird mix last year.

The new seeding (thanks Brad!) will be Hurrells HC12 Wildflower Seed Mix, being a mix of annual and perennial flowers with the aim of attracting Bees and Butterflys.

Annual Wildflowers Included: Baby’s Breath, Bishops Flower, Black Eyed Susan, California Poppy, Candytuft, Cleome Spider Flower, Cornflower, Corn Poppy, Cosmidium Brunette, Fairy Toadflax, Garden Cosmos, Godetia Azalea, Golden Tickseed, Love-In-A-Mist, Peredovic Sunflower, Phacelia, Purple Loosestrife & Sulphur Cosmos.

Perennial/Biennial Wildflowers Included: Carthusian Pink, Common Knapweed, Devils Bit Scabious, Dotted Gayfeather, Field Scabious, Foxglove, Greater Knapweed, Jacobs Ladder, Michaelmas Daisy, Oriental Poppy, Oxeye Daisy, Purple Coneflower, Purpletop Vervain, Red Campion, Rose Campion, Sainfoin, Vipers Bugloss, White Campion, Wild Bergamot, Yarrow, Yarrow Cloth Of Gold & Yarrow Colorado Blend.

This will certainly increase the diversity of wild flowers and their pollinators in the park. Watch out for them later in the year.

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