Weeding exercises in the park – and the ponds quickly refilled.

With the recent rains and abundant sun, the beneficiaries have been the “weeds” (which if they did not dominate so quickly can be appreciated for themselves). The four raised beds in the orchard garden area of Perivale Park needed some attention! Three of the beds are planted; one with winter garlic, another with flowering and about to seed winter brassicas and the third with a still germinating  wildflower mix. But we still need gardeners to come along and plant/deplant/replant something there! Vegetables, herbs, flowers, anything you fancy!

Elsewhere in the orchard, a 10kg bag of thistles was gathered (a sisyphean task if ever there was one) which can also come to quickly dominate. Last year we noted in nearby Bitterns Fields a whole corner of the fields with nothing but thistle and we want to avoid that happening in Perivale Park if possible.

The ponds near the orchard and playground are again fully replenished. They each have “islands” and now a resident pair of ducks on patrol. The varied aspects of the park are indeed changing rapidly now and every day brings something new.

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