A rubbish-jam on the river Brent.

As it passes through the southern edge of Perivale park, many trees overhang the river Brent. Occasionally one of these is felled by strong winds and there it forms a barrier to all the rubbish that is brought down the river from the Welsh Harp and the tributaries to the Brent.. On this occasion, the rubbish has accumulated to the extent that almost the entire surface of the river has been blocked by the stuff. Caused perhaps in part by the large polystyrene blocks that are also floating on the surface.

Unblocking this rubbish jam takes specialists, with a prodder in a canoe freeing the larger objects to be trapped further downstream by litter pickers in waders. Or by machinery. A job for the Gurnell to Greenford Greenwayers?

2 Replies to “A rubbish-jam on the river Brent.”

  1. It is truly horrendous and we have been appalled by the quantity of rubbish trapped there on recent visits.

    Let’s hope it can be removed, though appreciate it seems to be a never ending job!

  2. I have learnt a lot from Richard Spencer-Smith about this sort of litter. He tells me that litter actually in rivers is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. In particular, they are interested in aspects such as whether the litter is contributing to flooding (it is not in this instance), or causing harm to the water supply (i.e. leaking paint containers or oil drums which would be passed on to Thames water to fix again not so in this case). The litter is collecting because of a fallen tree trap, and could be considered therefor an effective trap for slowing the flows down, spreading the water into natural water meadows and ultimately preventing the litter from travelling onwards towards the Thames.

    So, ugly though it certainly is, it is not apparently actually causing problems that any authority is legally required to fix! It is up to volunteers to fix! Want to help?

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