The Capital Ring in the park: a plea for maintenance!

A few days ago, the park rangers responded to feedback that the route of the Capital Ring through the park was confusing some walkers, by putting up a number of new signs directing them in the correct direction (which is apparently a clockwise circuit of the ring).

Two of these signs were attached to the Cricket pavillion, directing them down the path (we call it the spring bulb glade) towards the pedestrian bridge crossing the A40.

The Capital ring

However, if you have been walking this route recently, you might notice an interesting “feature” of the path at this very point. To cross the path here, someone has helpfully put down some crowd barriers in a horizontal pose to help cross the substantial stream that now more often than not runs along the capital ring path. Quite a little pond has also formed there, with the regular and bountiful rains we have recently had. If the stream is traced to its source about 75m away, it is found to emerge from a drain, the property as it happens of Thames Water.

The “river” in the park

The locals will tell you that this stream runs quite frequently and has been running here for several years. I know that Thames Water have inspected the area (about a year ago) since I met them at the time. The problem apparently is not only that the drain is clearly blocked, but that the pipe that is supposed to carry the stream towards the river Brent (via the new ponds), about 300m further to the south, and running along the side of the Capital ring path, is also silted up. Perhaps this has been found to be a major civil engineering project, but might it also be amenable to perhaps a slightly more elegant and quick solution that will clear the Capital ring for its walkers and indeed make life easier for other visitors to the park?

So a plea to Thames Water for 2021! Can you do something about our “stream” please? Such as persuade it to run underground as it is supposed to? Thanks!!

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