Seating galore from which to view the wildlife in the ponds.

Are you one of those walkers who likes to see a bench to sit on when you visit a park? Fear not. The meadows to the east of the railway viaduct have lots of seating, in the form of nicely shaped rocks arrayed along the banks of the small stream that flows through the meadow feeding the largest pond. From which you can observe what is happening in the ponds themselves. Such as the marsh marigolds which are making a welcome reappearance; they were planted about four years ago, but last year’s show was very minimal. This year its a bit better, but too soon to say whether they will become permanently establish.

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A new (old) park bench – where did it come from?

A park bench has mysteriously appeared near the “four ponds” area of the park, near the  Cowgate road entrance. Its obviously old, and clearly has come from another home.  But sitting on it, one has a lovely view of the ponds, which in retrospect clearly needed a bench from which to view them. And on a summer evening, it will make a perfect spot from which to observe bats, which we showed last year frequent the area.

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