The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) in Perivale Park.

The TCV group organises events around the country and today they came to Perivale Park on a corporate volunteering day with a group of about twenty very enthusiastic people from PwC – and one volunteer dog accompanying  Ben!.  An area of ground on the banks of Costons Brook near to its exit from the culvert in the park had recently been cleared by GEL using an impressive robotic cutting system and it was now ready for replanting.

I will return to this post when the project is finished and hopefully show some of the planting. We hope that TCV bring many more volunteering groups to the park – there is always Himalayan Balsam  and Giant Hogweed to clear out and replace with friendlier plantings! Oh,  and for an early splash of colour, some Iris now flowering in the nearby ponds.

We moved here in 1980, and to us this area was known as the “Jungle”. A small overgrown footpath run down the middle of the densely packed trees and shrubs. We used to take our small children on expeditions to this Jungle, warning them about the marauding tigers and other creatures that we might encounter on the way. We never did see any, but no doubt our now adult children still probably remember these walks with mixed feelings!

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