Creation of a regional park – Some detail. And reference to a lido proposal?

This proposal certainly has caused much discussion and excitement. I managed to find some more detail, whilst we wait for more of the facts surrounding this proposal  to emerge. This is the link and I only pull out a few snippets from that. Perhaps someone well versed in this sort of speak can identify other important aspects?

  1. Revenue expenditure of £0.200m is authorised for 2023/24 and 2024/25 for (inter alia) commissioning of consultants
  2. Revenue expenditure of £0.160m is authorised for 2023/24 and 2024/25 for (inter alia) cost of project support (including but not exclusively related to a new Lido facility)
  3. Revenue expenditure of £0.075m for 2023/24 and 2024/2025 to support closure of the golf course and for rewilding and transformation of the golf course to park land.
  4. Where community support can be demonstrated, commence a process to appoint a partner to design, build and operate the outdoor cultural venue within the Regional Park.

These are my immediate inferences from the above:

  1. £0.360m  to be spent “people”, whilst £0.075  on a mix of people (closure of the course) and rewilding and transformation. That in truth is not very much for rewilding and transformation! The latter could reduce to zero if the people cost £0.075.
  2. Note the reference to a Lido.  Perivale park is certainly one of the sites mooted for this (of ten, I wonder if that has been narrowed down?)
  3. So how much money is set aside for designing, building and operating an outdoor cultural venue?

So can I ask this forum for help in identifying other important aspects that perhaps might not be obvious from an initial reading of this document!

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