Perivale Park Purple-Pink Profusion.

Purple is my favourite colour. I have a professional interest in it [1], [2] and I give public talks on the theme. Greenford (in which ward Perivale Park actually sits in) is associated with the historic scientific revolution of the mid 1800s resulting in the birth of the synthetic chemical dyes industry. William Perkin discovered mauveine (aka purple) in 1856 and set up a factory on the banks of the Paddington branch of the Grand Union Canal near Greenford Green to manufacture it. So when Perivale Park turns into a profusion of purple, I cannot resist showing some photos.

The colour of course comes from red campion (Silene dioica), with a nice contrast formed with the less abundant white campion (Silene latifolia). Sorry, but red campion is surely purple!  Also visible is a pink poppy with unusual colour abutting the raised bed in the orchard (two more  Ps). The patch of the park where most of the photos above were taken has only just got going.  It is certainly going to get much more spectacular over the next few weeks.  Do go and do some exercise there!


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