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  1. In the USA, as I found out by watching Bob Ross’ Joy of painting, the term sparrowhawk and Kestrel seem to be used interchangeably? Are the terms more distinct in the UK? Also the US and UK robins are quite different?

    1. Very different here Henry. Kestrels are falcons (Falconiformes) & are in a totally different& unrelated family to the Sparrowhawk which is an Accipiter hawk which is in the family Accipitriformes which also includes buzzards, eagles, harriers & kites. To add to the confusion of US versus UK language all their Buteos (Buzzards to us) are called hawks but they still use hawk for Accipiters (as we do Sparrowhawk & Goshawk here) for their Sharp-shinned & Cooper’s Hawks (New World equivalent to Sparrowhawk).

      Hunting behaviour of Kestrel & Sparrowhawk are quite different & as I said previously if it hovers it ain’t a Sparrowhawk! Both species can be found in Perivale Park, but Kestrel is much easier to spot.

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