The last addition to the orchard area was the planting of roses about two years ago.  It been a good year for roses in general and the orchard roses have really grown and flowered this year, with only minimal pruning last year.

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Cricket in the park: deep SHAME on this weekend’s teams.

The park has two wonderful cricket pitches and for the summer season there are always matches being played on them. So it is no surprise that after the match, some of the teams have a picnic and refreshment. The trouble is that all the detritus that accompanies food and drink is sometimes simply left scattered, as the photos below show for yesterday’s match. For someone else to pick up.

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Perivale Park resident heron.

Herons come in a wide variety of tameness and approachability. The most approachable we have seen was sat on a canal boat moored on the grand union canal near Stocker’s lake, who hardly stirred as we walked along the tow path and got to perhaps two metres of him. In contrast, the canal near Horsenden hill often has herons who fly away when you are still perhaps 100m away.

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Fox cubs galore!

Foxes are now very much part of the urban park and garden scene. Like the bats we went out to see last week, they are best seen at dusk, when the cubs are brought out to frolic by their mum. So it was that we captured this scene of (six?) cubs playing in a local garden.

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Tadpoles this year?

The locals know the original park pond for its tadpoles. For a few years in the recent past they have been abundant in what was actually quite a small pond. Unfortunately, the tadpoles have become less abundant, and last year (2021) we think there were none that could be seen. In an effort to prevent premature drying out of the relatively small pond, it was enlarged about 18 months ago in an effort to allow water to be retained past the peak tadpole time to allow frogs to emerge and survive. After about a year where the clay stirred up by the enlargement was still in suspension, the ponds are finally starting to look more settled. Now with recent rains, the three separate ponds have joined up to make a single stretch of water.

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A rubbish-jam on the river Brent.

As it passes through the southern edge of Perivale park, many trees overhang the river Brent. Occasionally one of these is felled by strong winds and there it forms a barrier to all the rubbish that is brought down the river from the Welsh Harp and the tributaries to the Brent.. On this occasion, the rubbish has accumulated to the extent that almost the entire surface of the river has been blocked by the stuff. Caused perhaps in part by the large polystyrene blocks that are also floating on the surface.

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Reminder: Attend the Perivale Park AGM to find out about future projects!

The agenda for the AGM will include the Chair’s annual report about what happened in the park in 2021.   It contains 30 items, some small some big. To find out what they are, do send the friends an email at to request the report and to attend the meeting via a Zoom link.

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