The waters have gone on the flooded footpath!

A few weeks ago,  I noted that the  Capital Ring path often includes a water feature, and made a plea for maintenance of the drain from which the water was pouring. Well, Thames Water have responded! Thanks to them!!

Two days ago their team visited armed with their special tools. Firstly a CCTV camera was inserted into the drain to have a look. This process of itself must have cleared a path through the built-up silt, since despite recent rains, the river running from the drain has gone, as you can see from the above photo!

Next, they inserted a root cutter, which unfortunately encountered roots too thick for it to remove. As you can see from the photo, there are lots of mature trees in that area of the park, and perhaps it is hardly a surprise that their roots have occupied the culvert over the years (we have been in the area for 41 years and we think both the trees and the drain were already there). Sorting the problem out is no longer a matter of removing the silt, but a major task which will include removing a number of these trees as well. Meanwhile, for a little while at least, the walkers will no longer need to wade through the little river!


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