7 Replies to “Swans And Canadian Geese on Perivale Wetlands today.”

  1. I was there this afternoon & saw the adult pair of Mute Swans & the pair of Canada Geese on one of the pools & then one of last year’s swans on the larger pool closer to Ruislip Road, where there was also a pair of Coots.

    Unfortunately while I was watching the pairs of geese & swans a white dog (Alsatian cross?) off lead came charging into the water to attack the birds. I shouted to the woman owner to control her dog. The geese flew onto the next pool with the juvenile swan.

    I think we need signage asking people not to allow their dogs into these ponds. Too many people seem to love throwing sticks & stones into the water creating much disturbance to the wildlife. I think the Coots are thinking of nesting but I don’t rate their chances due to the unthinking behaviour of many dog walkers.

    1. When it was icy someone allowed their dog into the ice. I actually had my 3 dogs with me when I took the picture but I didn’t want to disturb and upset them so kept my distance.

      1. Good to hear Charlie. There’s certainly quite few responsible dog owners but sadly a few don’t think about about the consequences of their dog’s actions. I know they’re having problems at Warren Farm where the meadow has been recently cut & some owners are allowing their animals to run amok where the Skylarks should soon start nesting. Part of the solution is education & most responsible owners listen when they are told about the Skylarks but there’s always a minority who don’t care & think they have a right to do as they please.

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