Frozen ponds galore – and sixty-trees meadows!

Five years ago, Perivale park and the adjacent Longfield meadows had only one pond, known to locals as the frog pond – and even that was only about 15 years old. Now – there are lots! Most are currently frozen and its going to get colder and they are going to freeze more! Here are some of them.

And now to some other history. Many locals walking from Perivale Park to the Gurnell leisure centre will take a leafy route along “sixty trees lane” (map), a wonderful avenue planted  ~50 years ago. Around 4-5 years ago, a number of these trees had to be felled because they were nearing the end of their natural life and were in danger of falling over. Now perhaps less than 40 remain. The meadows adjacent to this lane have recently been renamed Longfield Meadows and they are now our wetlands. During the last month, sixty new semi-mature trees have been planted there. Its no coincidence! We have Richard to thank for renewing this area and cannot wait for the trees to show their spring blossom!

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  1. They are indeed true heroes! The root-ball delivered trees required a large hole to be dug. The meadows comprise areas of clay and some with gravel. I watched some of the clay areas being dug and it does not look easy excavating a hole in it!

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