Paradise Fields at dawn.

Perivale park has neighbouring green areas in all four (arguably even five) compass directions. The one to the north is called  Paradise fields, with the Paddington branch of the grand union canal running along the north and east edges and with  Horsenden hill visible further east.

As with Perivale park itself, the Capital ring (section 9) runs through the fields. And just to the west of the fields Greenford Quay, a housing development with waterside features (the canal) with two of the construction cranes seen in the reflected sun photo above.

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  1. We went over there a couple of weeks ago. We did see this comfrey by the path at Paradise Fields. Though the flowers are whitish it isn’t the White Comfrey, Symphytum orientale, which is a more upright plant with pure white flowers. We found some of this recently by a wall by Belle Vue Park, Northolt.

    I believe the plant at Paradise Fields is Creeping Comfrey, S. grandiflorum, which is a more sprawling plant & the flowers not pure white.

    Twice last week I finally recorded Red Kites over Perivale Park (one on one day & then 2 on the following day).

    Must do a post about some of the butterflies & other insects we’ve seen. The footpath along the Brent, technically just outside the park, has been most productive.

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