The Greenford-Gurnell Greenway starts to take shape.

Over the last week, a short stretch of Coston’s brook as it runs through Perivale Park has been transformed. The brook rises in the industrial estates north of the A40 in west Greenford and for its short course it emerges from culverts and then openly runs through the park before joining the river Brent close to  Greenford Bridge. For much of the last 30 years or so, its course through the park has been lined with impenetrable blackthorn. Although these produce delightful blossom in the spring, the blackthorn was effectively blocking access to the brook.

Now as the photos below show, this stream has been opened up and the blackthorn transformed into piles of wood chippings. This will be followed up with a plan to plant 25,000 trees (I have been told this is NOT a misprint) in the Greenford-Gurnell area over the coming months. Locals will hardly recognize the area!

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