Colour in the orchard meadows.

It is mid-July now, but one blessed with more rain than usual for this month. Apart from everything spurting growth, a more diverse mid-summer colour has now appeared with unusual blues, pinks and yellows.

Go see the four meadows in the orchard to see for yourself. Many of the plants there came to be there of their own accord, since you can also see them in the surrounding natural meadows. The  allium you see in the photos above is the last of the four types of bulb that were planted in early 2020 and they are doing very nicely!

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  1. Lovely. For anyone that wants to know what they are:

    1 Eryngium sp
    2 Allium sphaerocephalon
    3 Musk Mallow
    4 A/a with Common Knapweed
    5 Catananche caerulea
    6 Yarrow (Achillea) cultivars
    7 Rudbeckia hirta cultivar

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