The earlier-than-ever spring blossom in the park.

Perivale park is surrounded by blackthorn and  hawthorne bushes/trees. One particular corner on the Gurnell-Greenford greenway along the river Brent is always one of the first to flower. These are also a highly scented varieties and as one walks along the path, both senses detect the arrival of spring.

Spring bulbs are now also arriving, but the display is not yet abundant so no photos just yet. But to add a splash of colour, I include a special guest appearance here from the Saville Gardens, to the south west of Perivale park, with camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas – none of which are present in the park. Why miss out on these splashes of pink and red!

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  1. Most, if not all the white blossom, currently in flower along Gurnell-Greenford Byway is Cherry Plum, Prunus cerasifera & flowers before Blackthorn, P. spinosa. The two do hybridise. Blackthorn is there too but haven’t seen much flower yet.

    Some lovely shots covering the season on the cusp of spring.

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