Perivale Park: One of London’s best outdoor spaces!

Back in 2018, we noted here the impending formation of a new National park based in London! This was the brainchild of Dan Raven-Ellison and now six years later, he has produced a guide to London’s best outdoor spaces where seven picks are listed. Amongst these is the “Best hidden gem: Section 8 of the Capital Ring”.

Guess what, this section of the Capital ring passes through Perivale Park! We all knew it is a hidden gem, but now many more people do.

Map, part 1
Map, part 2

As for me, I have never been to another of his selections, the “Best urban oasis: Dalston Eastern Curve Garden” so that will definitely be visited shortly.

If anyone reading this has other suggestions to add to Dan’s list, please add them as a comment here.

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