A different view of the Park Pear Trees

Last autumn, the avenue of pear trees produced a wonderful orange-hued vista. Now a few months later, it is the turn of the blossom.

We also always keep an eye our for our Snake’s head fritillary, which was planted around five years ago and has continued to emerge every spring. I think the record count of plants at one stage was around 80; it is still too early to know if anything like that will be achieved this year.

Finally, a note about the circular short walk around the sports pitches. Unless one is wearing Wellington boots, it has not been possible to do this recently because of severe flooding of the footpath near the scrape pond. Someone put down a boardwalk there recently, but its still a problem. The path is prone to flooding because a few years back a maintenance lorry attempted to drive along something that was not designed to take its weight. The path has never been the same since! We live in hope that the parks maintenance team will be able to fix this footpath, both here and at a couple of other locations where the paths are impassable during rains.

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