Updates – the park Fritillaries and the Colne Valley Viaduct.

Firstly the fritillaries, which are now looking splendid. Again, I think the bountiful rain this spring has helped!

The Colne Valley viaduct is making rapid progress and the segments crossing Savay and Harefield lakes will be added by the big red contraption (the “launching girder“)  in the next month or two.

Those unfamiliar with this blog may be wondering if there is any connection between these two items and the park. Well,  the HS2 project (of which the viaduct is part), has three tunnelling (TBM) machines currently all heading towards Greenford (Sushila, Caroline and Emily), just up the road from the park, with one more West-bound TBM yet to start digging.  I have sort of adopted HS2 as being part of the park. Sadly there will be no HS2 station for the park, so when its running you will not be able to pop off the train to visit – whether it be simply an Ealing – or by then a regional park? Perhaps those mulling over such a park could lobby the HS2 project for an extra station?

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