Fruit trees in West London – Lady Gilbert’s orchard.

Since 2019, Perivale park has had its own orchard, now with 35 fruit trees. I thought  I might show some photos here of another, much older (1890) orchard which is about  13 km to the north of the park and is known as Gilbert’s orchard, after the wife of  W. S. Gilbert of opera fame.

Apparently a number of the original trees still survive (they must be ~130 years old) and have taken on a gnarled appearance. I can only wonder what the Perivale orchard will look like in 2150! Climate change no doubt will have an impact (assuming the park is still above water) and I suspect the orchard (and much else) will only survive if someone is allowed to water the trees. Perhaps we should prepare for a dessert orchard?

There is another historic orchard in West London,  Cox’s orchard in Colnbrook and home to Cox’s orange Pippin but that is another story.

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