Costons Nature reserve – new homes for ducks and slow worms.

If you happen to visit Greenford town centre on a Saturday, do pop in to see if anyone is working at the close by Costons Nature Reserve. There it was that I met Sean today, who showed me some of the new additions that have recently appeared.

These include bat and birdhouses in the trees, several areas with bird feeders, two slow worm “hotels” (yes they have been seen there) and the new wetland where ducks have already taken up residence. I learnt that years ago, the nearby Costons brook used to flow this way, although now it flows to the east of this location. The photos of the pond were taken from where a hide will be erected in the future so that one can spot the visiting birds.

I also saw the remains of around 20 bee hives, which were maintained by a local bee keeper as recently as two years ago. So 2022 is shaping up to be a very interesting one for this new local nature reserve.

According to Openstreetmap, Costons Brook has two sources, one in Northolt village to the west and a second at Grove farm near Sudbury Hill station. If anyone reading this can verify either of these as the “true” source of the brook, I would be very grateful!

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