Nicky Hopkins Memorial Bench in Perivale Park.

On September 8th at 12.00, a memorial will be unveiled in Perivale Park to Nicky Hopkins (“Rock’s Greatest Session Man“) He was a famous session musician who played with many of the greats of the 1960s onwards such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ella Fitzgerald, Art Garfunkel and many others.

If you have not visited Perivale Park before, do come to see the “piano keyboard”-styled bench that will be revealed and enjoy the rejuvenated wild flower plantings that have benefited from the recent rains. The bench will be next to the old bowling green, which itself will be shortly enjoying a make-over. Various other improvements to the park have also just started, literally today, and which I will document here.

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