Wetlands and Orchards.

Perivale Park is one of six projects in London funded by a “green-capital” grants program, with the RedGreen group project contributing to an orchard and a bulb planting.

The main Perivale park green-capital grant will include the development of two wetlands areas, the locations being shown on the map below.
Work has already started on the smaller area on the left in the park itself. It will be located within the half-circle area already marked by a ploughed path as shown below. The lights of Perivale park athletics track can be seen in the background.

Below you can see the location of the Nicky Hopkins bench, which will be installed and unveiled shortly. The proposed wetlands will be to the right of this photo.

Orchards and wetlands do seem to be something of an emerging theme in the various green projects under way in London. Thus Headstone Manor park is another recipient of the greener-city fund. The manor house has an ancient moat (the only one still with water in the London area) and this is being dredged and wetlands are also planned. The moat by the way is the major source of the Yeading Brook, and part of the development plan is to remove it from the culvert where it currently runs to expose it more to visitors. If only more rivers and streams in London could be removed from their culverts! There is also an ancient orchard planting there, from the days when the whole area was a farm and I gather a new orchard planting will also take place. The museum by the way is very well worth a visit!

Finally I include wildlife photos from a green area close to Perivale park, Horsenden Hill. Cows graze there during the summer as well as goats! The area already has an apple orchard, and I gather a small microbrewery will shortly start operations.

Perivale park itself has no such livestock, but a goodly population of town foxes!

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