First London National Park City Network Forum.

Next year the London National Park City launches in July. As a prelude, the first forum, or get together of some of the many organisations in London that promote it with the ethos of a national park took place on November 7th. Perivale Park was represented on this occasion by the RedGreen Group, a small local residents group which, with the participation of Ealing council, is in the process of enhancing the park with spring bulb and summer fruit plantings as an adjunct to the major Greenford to Gurnell Greenway scheme which is helping to transforming the area.

10 Key Takeaways from the Forum

“The London National Park City is for everyone. Let’s work together to create a new positive identity, story and movement for Londoners and make our city greener, healthier and wilder.

1. LINK UP Help to double the size of our Network. Join if you have not already done so, and invite other organisations and companies to join too.

2. GO BEYOND Consider things beyond business as usual in support of the London National Park City vision. Dream the possible and share your ideas with us at

3. SUGGEST things to be included in the 10 Ways campaign which we will publish to Londoners. See instructions below.

4. SUPPORT the Launch Newspaper by backing the crowdfunding campaign, helping with content and distribution. Look out for the launch of the crowdfunder next week.

5. PLAN 1 Start planning longer running activities for the Launch Season May – July 2019.

6. PLAN 2 Start planning events for London National Park City Festival 20 – 28 July 2019.

7. USE the National Park City Aster and identity.

8. SHARE ideas, success and opportunities via the new online National Park City Maker Stream.

9. CONNECT with us and others in the Network on social media.

10. COMMIT Consider supporting the National Park City Foundation, the charity that has been created to help make the London National Park City a success, by committing time, space, expertise, money or other resources that will help to make launch year a success.”

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