The “Greenwayers” tidy up Costons Brook.

Costons Brook is one of two waterways in Perivale Park, being a tributary to the larger River Brent.  It arises from perhaps three streams flowing from the north-west of the park,  one apparently originating from the nearby  Metropolitan business park.  Tracing the others will require access to specialist maps! At any rate it flows out of a culvert near the children’s  playground in the park, with an aspect that has recently become very much more accessible now that the blackthorn trees on each bank have been removed.

Today these banks were cleared of rubbish by the  Greenford to Gurnell Greenwayers. Items included one bicycle wheel,  a large umbrella,  a heavy piece of mangled metal (origins unknown), numerous cans and bottles, around 10 golf balls and much glass and plastic with sharp edges.  Some 17 bags were filled during the course of about two hours. Hopefully it is now safer for both people and dogs to walk the area (but of course take care, since there still may be stuff there that could cause injury). Here are six of the volunteers posing!

The next event will be April  14th (Sunday) at 13.00 when they will tackle the river Brent itself,  in one of its more challenging areas.

Meanwhile, if anyone reading this knows more about the streams contributing to Costons Brook and their sources,  do tell.

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  1. Henry, I’m so sorry you weren’t in the photo (because you were taking it). You are, of course, one of the Magnificent Seven who turned up to do this momentous task, for which many, many thanks.

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