Volunteers improving the ponds! Purple Loosestrife.

Lythrum salicaria or purple  loosestrife is native to the UK (but considered eg a pest in areas like north America) and likes wet environments such as pond edges. Here are three volunteers planting 80 plugs into the edge of the ponds near the kids playground in the park.

You might imagine the muddy edge of a pond to be easy digging, but there was often gravel under them-thar mud and it took some effort in places. The Loosestrife accompanies the Iris (which flowered very nicely this year) and the reeds and other aquatic plants. These ponds are naturalising very nicely indeed – with a bit of help from volunteers.

Thanks to Jamie (for providing the plugs), Ben (for suggesting they be planted in the park) and Brad and Ze for helping with the digging and planting. They may not flower this year, but almost certainly will next year. Let’s hope they take to the area. Now, a bit of rain please.

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