Friends of Perivale Park. Annual General meeting, 8th February, 2022, 19.30.

There is lots to say about the park this year (mostly good!), the second year in which the park and its surrounds have played an important role in helping people cope with the COVID pandemic.

If you want to hear more about the park, why not ask for a Zoom joining code (two years ago no-one would have known what that meant) for the AGM, when the Friends of the Park report on the year’s activities and talk about the future. Reserve the date above and send an email to or use the QR-code below (again something that COVID has made us all very familiar with!).

4 Replies to “Friends of Perivale Park. Annual General meeting, 8th February, 2022, 19.30.”

  1. I have visited the park a number of times because of the Nicky Hopkins memorial bench. On Saturday my wife and I visited again to varnish the wooden parts and check it over. As before we enjoyed a drink and a snack in the cafe.
    We’re not able to do this very often as we live in Watford (close to another everyone active centre). I haven’t contacted you before but I’ll try to take a bit more interest in your activities.

  2. Thanks for sprucing up the bench Bob. Much appreciated. We visit Watford occasionally to have a meal in Gabriel’s bar, in Vicarage road. Brilliant portuguese food!

    1. Good question. The golf course, the golf course cafe and the athletics facilities are all managed by EveryoneActive and are therefore linked. I have posed your question to e.g. the Ealing Parks Foundation, which is having a general meeting on October 14th. If I hear anything before then, I wil post here.

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