Bee Corridors and Ponds, June 2019.

In June, only last year’s plantings are in full colour (being around 2 months ahead of this years seedings). Here are some snaps of one of the Ealing “bee corridors” set out last year and now in full magnificence. This should last a month or so longer. There are also corridors that have been ploughed and re-seeded this year,  so together they should offer a spectacular display for many more months.

Also seen above are two ponds. The fuller one is last year’s, already fitted with a lining to prevent too much water loss. Before the rains of the last two weeks it was down to its last small puddle, but has now been somewhat replenished. Even the new pond has some water, but I don’t believe its been lined yet so it may not last long.

The large meadow is currently at its mustard stage and there are already lots of seeds for the birds.

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