Historic Northolt and Belvue Park.

As I remarked before, Perivale Park is surrounded on all sides by other green spaces. This time our daily and (very) early exercise walk took us west towards Northolt and Belvue  Park. This area has a very long history, dating to medieval and Roman times. I will let the highly informative signs that you eventually come across speak for themselves. They are located near the old Northolt Manor, complete with moat and church. You would hardly think you were in London!

Next time we go, I must remember to take a cloth to clean these signs; they are showing signs of nature (and birds) taking over! To the south-west of this area are the Northala and Marnham fields, which are very different in character, but that is for another day. The mounds there are of course the final resting place of the old Wembley stadium.

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  1. Lovely, atmospheric shots Henry. We visited yesterday for the second time in a couple of weeks. It does have that rural village vibe to it. As we approached the manor a couple of Red Kites drifted over it.

    The meadow to the south of it had quite a lot of Cuckoo Flower (Lady’s Smock) flowering and I would guess part of the original meadow. I could see lots of Ox-eye Daisies beginning to shoot up.

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