Glade Lane canalside park – monumental mounds!

To the west of Perivale park are to be found Northala Fields, the prominent features of which are the four tall mounds with two outstanding viewpoints at their tops. Now to the south west of Perivale an even larger feature is taking shape- Glade lane canalside park.

The canal is the grand union to the southern edge of the park and bounded by the Lizzy line close to the northern edge. Over the last few years, the area has served as the final resting place for building rubble from all over west london – and just like Northala fields were sculpted into mounds with viewing areas on the top – so will Glade park feature what appears to be even taller and larger mounds also with two viewing area.

The scale of the mounds probably does not come over well in the photos, which needs a visit to grasp. The view of west london from the top will probably be spectacular! It looks like it will take another year to finish the mounds off, but even now its worth seeing.



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