Autumn 2023 fungi, splashes of colour and gardening chores

Hunting for fungi is always great fun in the park – not for eating of course. Here are just a few we found over the last few days.

I could not resist two splashes of colour, strictly not in the park itself and  I end with gardening chores – in the raised beds in the orchard area. The remaing plant in the middle will be an agapanthus which had become root-bound in our own garden and now having been split into four, will become the centre-pieces of the four raised beds.  Outcasts from gardens most welcome if they will add colour next summer!

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  1. The North American Sweetgum, Liquidamber styraciflua, does produce some amazing autumn (or should that be fall?) colours. Similarly a Tupelo, Nyssa sylvatica, was looking glorious in Isabella Plantation last week. There’s also a fine specimen of this at the Palm House Lake at Kew.

    Presume the delightful Thunbergia alata is in your house? A near neighbour of mine has several coloured varieties of this climber up her front fence through the summer months but now consigned to green waste!

    I did walk around Perivale Park a week ago after a mothing session at Perivale Wood & despite lots of good habitat very few birds other than the ubiquitous species. Didn’t see a single finch (or anything else) in the seed crop.

    Hopefully a few might appear by the time I take an Ealing Wildlife group around next month?

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