Places of interest in Google Maps for the park.

Google maps depends on crowd sourcing for items of interest on its maps (as indeed does the other map I often use, I have been updating the entries for Perivale Park, the results of which you can see below. All you need is to have a Google account to do so, and although the entries are reviewed by Google, all of mine have thus far been accepted and released into the public version of the maps.

One of the slight oddities about these markers is that not all of them are likely to show at any particular magnification of the map. Some appear at low magnifications, and then vanish as you zoom in. Others only appear after zooming. So if anyone can find any method of revealing all of the place markers in any given area of the map, please tell! Click on either map above to see a larger version.

An individual can find all their own entries in their profile, but not anyone else’s.

3 Replies to “Places of interest in Google Maps for the park.”

  1. Great work as always, thank you!. Please could you also use your powers of amendment to change the appellation of Coston’s Brook. Google are still calling it River Brent.

  2. Richard, I have tried. The best I have been able to do is to add a place called Coston’s brook (see below). But the actual map details such as the river name do not appear to be correctable! It would be interesting to know where Google gets its information from!

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