The beavers are coming – real soon now!

Perivale park is blessed with having lots of green interesting areas surrounding it and one of them is Paradise Fields, just up to the road so to speak. There a project to introduce beavers is taking place (around five), following the earlier such project at Enfield and the birth of the first baby beavers in London in 400 years there.

In preparation for the beavers, a large perimeter fence has been erected around the central large pond in the area to protect the beavers whilst they get used to the area. This pond has been fed for many years by a small stream. This comes down from Horsenden hill, running under the canal to drain into the pond. The videos below show the running water in this stream, which is probably running faster at the moment because of the recent rains.

It will be interesting to see whether this flow of water suffices to allow the beavers to do what beavers do, and whether during long dry summer spells the current trickle of water might dry up entirely. A fascinating experiment.

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  1. Neil, the format used is typically that generated and viewed on phones. I have changed to a Windows PC format, so try again. Question then – can beavers flourish with this amount of flowing water?

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