An Ealing Greenspace at the start of its new life as a Park.

Last Friday was the last day of the Perivale Park golf course being open – and now it awaits its new life as an Ealing park.  We strolled around the park and here are a few photos to give a flavour of what it looks like now. The next thing to happen will be the installation of four benches and four litter bins – the locations of which are already being discussed. As things  happen,  I hope to record them here.

The expectation is that as each phase of the project develops (and funds are identified for implementation) appropriate consultations will take place. I expect the timescale to be between 2-4 years as a very rough estimate.

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  1. Well I admire your faith in Ealing Council and I really hope you are right. I very much fear though in LESS than 2-4 years it will be an overgrown desolate wasteland that no one uses and no one visits. Is that what you want in the middle of Ealing?

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