Perivale park orchard: its flower meadows and some gardening exercise.

The weather held dry between 11.00 and 14.00 today (but rained earlier and later) so our small but select group of volunteers were able to really dress up one of the four flower beds around the orchard garden benches and free two of the adjacent flower meadows of the large dock plants that had become established. The new garden tools were put to very good use and the large thermos flasks provided much needed hot tea.

I have included photos from the flower meadow, showing the now flowering gladioli adding a magenta splash to the surrounding blue flax. Some ox-eye daisies have taken up residence and we had a lively debate as to whether their white or the gladioli pinks produced the better colour combinations. Also spotted in these meadow were a number of different varieties of poppy, not all of which can have floated in and seeded themselves. The next month I think will reveal all.

More garden needs doing and once a date has been agree I will post it here.

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