The tennis courts are – electrified!

The park has some very well patronised tennis courts. In March,  one of the sturdy doors to the courts was replaced by a new version with a keypad – and then promptly locked so that no-one could use it. Yesterday, two workmen turned up digging a trench to carry an electricity cable from the adjacent cricket pavillion to the entrance to the courts.

Perhaps soon the only way of entering the courts will be by using the keypad. No doubt instructions on how to obtain the code will become available presently. And with electricity now provided, might we expect floodlights to be installed to improve the all year round accessibility of the courts? Oh, I asked the contractors whether it would have been easier to install a solar panel to provide power for the keypad (or even a long life battery), but apparently the solar panel solution was significantly more expensive than digging a long trench and laying a power cable. Go figure!

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