An abundance of greens on our doorstep.

The Portuguese always had a love affair with “grelos”, these being the flowering shoots of the Brassica family. Two or three weeks ago we harvested a lot of cabbage “grelos” but those are now in full bloom and no longer tender enough to be consumed. Since last week the mustard variety started producing their “grelos” and we have been harvesting them in large quantities. If it does not get too hot we will go on doing so for the next 2 weeks.

Now, these mustard “grelos” are not to to everyone’s taste because they are a little bitter but I love them. Simply blanch them in boiling water with a little salt for 1 minute. Season them with olive oil and vinegar and they become a great accompaniment for fish or fry finely diced garlic in olive oil, add vinegar and they are ready to accompany meat. My Japanese friend swears that they are even more delicious with sesame oil and soy sauce!! If you have room in the freezer you can even store them for a rainy day once you boiled them.

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