Gurnell-Greenford Greenwayers Outside the Box!

As the name indicates, the Greenwayers normally work along the river from Gurnell to Greenford but on Sunday 10th November, in the spirit of friendship, we went slumming it in Pitshanger Park to relieve them of a bit of their rubbish before it reaches us!

The weather on the previous day almost stymied the event as far as in-channel picking was concerned. However, we managed to combine a very strong land-based group of 10 pickers with a trio of be-wadered pickers removing larger items from the far side of the river. We were fortunate that the water had subsided and the flow had slackened over the 6 hours prior to the event.

The bin bag count was 20, every item hard fought for in the understorey along the banks. Larger items, all equally battled for, included 5 lorry tyres, one traffic cone, a substantial plastic pipe, and a very rusty Belling cooker. The well-wedged lounge carpet and two further traffic cones are for another day.

With huge, huge thanks to all our wonderful volunteers and a special thanks to ‘future’ guys Rohan and Romir for making this their second event. Thanks too to Carl the Ranger for keeping an eye on proceedings. Carl mentioned a litter-picking event run by the Council in Pitshanger Park on Sunday 14th January so if you’re at a loose end, he’s sure to welcome you along.







The next Greenwayers event will most likely be in February once the excesses of December and January have run their course. We’ll keep you posted.


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