More spring colour – and a new exercise area!

Around the park contractors are installing twelve new exercise machines, in about five different locations. The largest of these is shown below, which will take six units.  I am currently turning up early in the morning (when there is no-one around, as you can see from the photo) in the hope that when the six units are fixed to the base-plates, I will be the very first person to try them all out. So if you do happen upon them  before I do, you will take the glory instead!

And for some nice spring colour which is NOT daffodils. The colour has actually appeared in the orchard, amongst the fruit trees and a left over from last year’s seeding there. Oh, and notice the two resident ducks in our ponds.

As for the fruit trees in that orchard, there are 10 Malus (Red Sentinel) crab apple trees, all of which are showing leaf (which is a great relief for those who watered the trees last year to keep them alive during the heat of August), as are the 24 fruit trees. When the blossom appears, I will of course show the photos here.

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