A new Nature reserve on the edge of Perivale Park

News has reached us that Ealing Wildlife Group have reached their funding target to convert some abandoned allotments on the edge of the park into a new Nature Reserve (the allotments were abandoned due to propensity for flooding). Congratulations to them!

It will join Littern Nature reserve as one of three in the local area, the last being the world-famous  Perivale Bluebell wood run by the  Selborne  Society.

2 Replies to “A new Nature reserve on the edge of Perivale Park”

  1. Though I was aware of this, it is indeed excellent news. Our beleaguered wildlife needs all the help it can get.

    Congratulations to all involved!

  2. Thanks Neil. It was hugely remiss of me to miss out Perivale Wood as a local nature reserve (added now to the post). I think can justly be called world famous, and it is certainly well known around here for the spring bluebells. We also tell people about Gutteridge wood which has magnificent bluebell displays, but it’s stretching a point to call it a local nature reserve (its about 7 km away).
    On the topic of bluebells (albeit with the next display some 10 months away), if anyone has their own favourite location for them, then please to let us know.

    And of course the other truly world famous display of snowdrops in Welford park.

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