First Perivale Park . . . then King’s College Cambridge!

In 2017, a large meadow in Perivale Park was transformed with wildflowers. Next, the erstwhile manicured lawn of the old bowling green was similarly transformed last year, after it has to be said a few years of neglect. Now, news reaches me that another pristine and rather more famous lawn, apparently previously manicured and most definitely not neglected for 300 years or so, has imitated Perivale Park and gone all colourful.

The iconic view of King’s College Cambridge, between the famous chapel and the river Cam, has itself become a biodiverse wildflower vista. However, unlike our meadows here, the project in Cambridge will apparently only last three months. I am not sure what will happen thereafter.

Since the photos of the revitalised Kings College meadow are © (go to the link above to see them) I reproduce one of our own meadows as it looked yesterday, taken from a viewpoint similar to the one used for the 2017 splash photo you see when you view the front page here. The earlier view was taken in August of that year, whilst in 2020 we are only in June. It is pretty certain however that the subtle blue and white hints of the meadow as it is now, will change dramatically in the next two months as new colours come and go.

Finally I bring you news of a new name to add to the park; Longfield Meadows (bottom on right). Signage describing  the features of these meadows will appear shortly at the Ruislip road entrance, next to the Gurnell leisure centre. Look out for it!

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  1. Hi Henry!

    I was hoping you could email me regarding me doing some bumblebee surveys in some of the wildflowers and where they are?

    There is a lack of data in the london area and I am making it my mission to set up some surveys voluntarily!


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