All but one of the photos shown here, taken during our exercise around the perimeter of the park this morning, need no explanation.

Most of the litter bins are emptied regularly, but their mere presence seems to encourage the stuff. Animals might play a role as well in distributing it, if not depositing in the first place. I am also well aware that there are some who regularly remove these blots on the landscape, but you do need a proper litter picker and bag (handling the stuff with your hands is not recommended). One lady, well known to locals, can often gather ten or so bags of the stuff in one session. Others focus on the benches in the orchard garden, which seem to attract a particular type of detritus. The Greenwayers specialise in the waterways for which you need training and protective clothing, but due to a combination  of weather and lockdown, have not had a chance to meet this year yet.

Meanwhile, if only the stuff that is brought into the park were to be taken away by the same people, we would not be able to take photos such as the above.

No, tarantulas are not native to the park. There is an enormous selection.

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  1. It is awful. It seems to be the same in most of our local green spaces. Every morning when I walk through Ravenor Park there is a mass of litter surrounding every overfull bin & have seen the Friends of Horsenden Hill Facebook group complain of the same issue!.

    I have seen Magpies in less than full bins turfing stuff out of them as they search for edible morsels, but much is deposited by lazy people at the base of the bin when it is already full.

    This is one of the reasons RSPB reserves largely don’t have litter bins as they attract litter around them when full.

  2. Friends of Horsenden Hill fb group organised a litter pick of Longfield meadow [Stockdove Way] on Sat 6th June = 12 volunteers / 20 bags

  3. We noticed those 20 bags, at the end of 60 trees lane, and were wondering who had collected the litter. Two council contractors were putting them into a truck at the time, and they were wondering as well! So brilliantly sorted, and thanks for organising it!

    The council have given a roll of their bags to the Perivale Park friends and we keep this and (shortly) two litter pickers in the storage box next to the orchard in the park. That area also attracts litter at a fair rate.

  4. Re “are Perivale Park friends commenting on the BMX Bike Park proposal and planning?”

    The friends group meets three times a year, and a BMX representative is invited to attend. They have yet to make an appearance.

    However, the individual members of the friends group have been invited to submit their own personal comments. I have.

    Please do so via where you can also read the 29 comments as of today.

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