Raised bed plantings in the orchard garden

The raised beds are located in the midst of the 24 orchard fruit trees.  The first harvest they have produced has just been gathered (winter garlic).  There are still some left to harvest if you want to help yourself!

And now the next set of vegetables has gone in,  pumpkin, butternut squash and courgette.

These three vegetables will grow rapidly and probably take over the entire raised beds very soon. Provided they are watered!

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  1. As I noted, some of the winter garlic was harvested from the raised bed. Here is a photo of a delicious lentil curry made by one of the neighbours in Hicks Avenue (thanks Ravina!) using the harvested garlic. With lots of recent sunshine and frequent watering, we hope the raised beds will produce a lot more locally cooked dishes such as this one!

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