Poppy day.

The Perivale Park orchard garden (a “pocket park” project) after more than a year of preparation and planting, is starting to show its full colour.

During the current lack of rain it also needs extra watering! In particular, the 24 fruit trees are starting to show large fruits now and they need an extra bit of water to keep them going. The plot where they are planted has not been prepared with compost or any other soil improver and so it can get baked and hard in this heat. But the area was seeded last year and now those seeds are finally showing. Particularly eye-catching are the poppies and here I show a selection of them which caught my eye during the watering, all photographed in that orchard.

I did keep an eye out for any blue poppies, but there were none. It would be unlikely they would be in any meadow seed mix (to see good blue poppies you have to go to the Chelsea flower show!).

There are other flower meadows in the garden where the malus (crab apple) are planted and next time I will show those. But not before they have been weeded first!

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