South Greenford – Least Used Station in London

Well, Greenford is newly on the map. It now (i.e. 29 May, 2020) has the least used station in London! Well, let’s try to lose that record by saying why you would want to come to South Greenford, the station with this unenviable (and hopefully temporary) record.

  1. Visit and type in South Greenford.
  2. There you will see four fantastic walks through West London countryside, all starting, hey, at SOUTH GREENFORD.
  3. These walks visit some amazing places, full of history, action, ancient churches, fun-runs, golf, cricket, rivers, lakes, chemistry and so much else.
  4. And  I am sure you could discover more walks, or certainly variations on these four, by starting at SOUTH GREENFORD.
  5. Pre-eminent amongst all these places is of course Perivale Park, to which this site is dedicated.

By the way, the YouTube video by Geoff Marshall explains very well why the traffic at this station has halved in the last two years; the South Greenford line used to go all the way to Paddington, but due to CrossRail now stops far short of that destination at West Ealing. Once you get there, you can wait up to 15 minutes for a connecting train into central London, which is probably why the traffic has halved. But there is hope. When the Elizabeth line is fully open, we expect connecting trains to come every 2-3 minutes and very probably the traffic will increase again and the record above will be lost.

But you do not have to wait until the Elizabeth line opens. Come to SOUTH GREENFORD now and try one of those walks. Or invent a new one. Or visit the Park. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

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