Dawny ponds.

Visiting the park just before dawn is an interesting experience. It can be full of joggers and dog walkers and if you visit regularly you get to know most of them! I tend to go out to tidy up the park of litter before the commuters take over and perchance to pick up a spare roll of litter bags from the refuse collectors, who also tend to be out at that time. Today, dawn rose whilst I was passing the ponds and I managed the following snaps.

Like much of the world nowadays, reality is what you make of it and so I have to confess that two of these photos have been “computationally enhanced” to bring out some unusual nascent colours that I did not observe in reality with my own eyes. Nowadays, mobile phones have amazing power to perform such computational photography and so to find out what is real and what is “enhanced”, you really do have to visit the park at these times to find out. When the whole world has become “virtual” (sadly of some necessity nowadays), people will probably start forgetting what reality actually is. I am sure there are dystopian novels written about this going back 100 years or more!

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