The orchard garden and the snowed-upon golf course.

With golf courses closed to golfers, the rest of us can happily explore them. Part of Perivale Park is its golf course and that is where we went for our exercise today. And found it was snowing!

The snow was of course the cottonwood tree. For about a week in May, the park is filled with the gently floating seeds of this Poplar. Stand directly underneath one (the one in the photo) and you can “hear” the snow as the seed heads break off and plop to the ground. It is a very peculiar experience.

The orchard, if you get up close, is also a riot of colour. The poppies are having a great time; I particularly enjoyed the lovely and unusual cream coloured one. The geraniums in the borders are starting up and should keep going for some while the gladioli in the four planted meadows in the orchard are now starting and should become more spectacular in the next weeks. The buttercups are from the meadow, in a previous life actually a grass tennis court, next the new hard surface courts (closed at the moment because of lockdown).

There are also some lovely trees in the golf course. Finally on the way back, the banks of the Brent are covered in yellow brassicas and cow parsley. And there is an impressive patch of peppergrass which comes up every year along the new footpath.

Basically, when was exercise ever so enjoyable?

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