Perivale Park Ponds get some perfused plant mats.

One aspect of the modern world is accelerating its natural time scales. So when a new pond is created by moving large amounts of earth, the pond is initially largely devoid of any life, whether plants or invertebrate. But a solution is to hand: plant mats. Grown in a nursery and implanted with plants, these mats 1m by 2m in size, can be dropped into the pond for hey presto almost instant pond life!

I am assured that most of the plants should survive the drying out of the ponds, which is likely to have happened by July or so, depending on how much it rains of course. The three ponds next to the playground are feed by a stream that drains the playing fields and possibly also gets its water from the A40 as well. So it tends to last the longest. The wetland ponds are feed by the streets in the Stockdove estate, and so have a smaller catchment. That stream in fact is already dry.


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